Step back, see the bigger picture, and act on it. Get total visibility over your workplace culture, and get the tools to build a more resilient and agile organisation.

Get a macro and micro view of your culture.

Using Keogh’s industry-leading culture model and tools, your business can become more connective, adaptive, and supportive.

Create a robust culture that builds beyond one focus area like ‘safety’ or ‘innovation’. Keogh’s research-backed methods map and measure your organisation against three key dimensions and thirteen individual elements, to get a true sense of its strengths and areas to grow.

Why Cultivate?

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A toolbox, not just a diagnosis.

It’s not just about where you are – it’s about where you want to go. We assess your culture in tandem with your business strategy, to identify pathways and readiness for change, whilst giving you the means to continually reassess and adapt.

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Create total alignment.

Get the most out of your people by uniting your values, beliefs and most importantly, behaviours. Because a business that has cultural alignment responds to disruption and changes with far greater resilience.

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Designed for today’s workforce.

Informed by subject matter experts and deep research, Cultivate gives you a clear picture of what today’s changing workplace culture needs. Areas like diversity and mental wellbeing and are integral components of your culture, not simply by-products.

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Grow into a resilient, change-ready business.

Cultivate maps out your organisation’s change-readiness – because being ready for the unknown is pivotal for any business today. By aligning your culture, you’re giving your organisation the best preparation to be resilient in the face of change.

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Attract and retain the best.

Where good culture emerges, talent will follow. We can guide you to build an environment where people don’t just love coming to work, they actively seek you out as an employer of choice.

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Watch your bottom line thrive.

Flourishing people ultimately means better business performance. With our powerful tools and our recommendations, you can leverage the power of culture for a more productive and thriving company.

Cultivate Toolbox

A toolbox to build a high-performing, flourishing culture.
  • Culture Model

  • Organisation

    Measure your current and build your desired future culture
  • Leader

    Grow leaders to shape your desired future culture
  • Talent

    Select people aligned to your desired future culture

Start with a survey to measure your culture

  • Demographic Questions

    Ensure your results represent your business profile. Allows tailoring of reports for specific parts of your business.

  • Change Readiness Questions

    Determine how ready your organisation is to change. Provides information for you to set your business up for successful change.

  • Current & Future Importance

    Understand what’s culturally important NOW and in your FUTURE. Strategically plan your future culture, driving greater success.

  • Behavioural Statements

    Measures frequency of behaviour to generate a comprehensive report. Focusing on behaviour is a start to improving workplace culture.

  • Leadership Statements

    Behavioural questions to highlight leaders’ impact on culture. Provides specific behaviours for leaders to act on to grow culture.

  • Outcome Statements

    Outcomes statements are part of ongoing research activities. They form part of understanding the ROI for your culture efforts.

  • Open-ended Responses

    Qualitative information to understand what your organisation needs to keep doing, stop doing and start doing. Provides clear actions for change programs.

Then work with us to build your desired culture

What's included
  • Pre-survey brief
  • Survey setup & deployment
  • Reporting
  • Qualitative research
  • Executive workshop
  • Culture plan
  • Feedback session
  • Change readiness
  • Train-the-trainer internal practitioners
  • Pulse checks (every 4 months)
  • Survey repeat at 12 months

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